Elevating women in the cannabis industry

What is a Cannakween?

Women in the cannabis industry have spent too long being overlooked and overshadowed by this male-dominated ‚Äčindustry. We're here to provide a voice and a platform to all cis and trans women, as well as to those who are gender fluid, genderqueer, or the like. The title of "Cannakween" comes with a social responsibility to empower those in the cannabis industry who are otherwise overlooked for not being the standard white, cis-gendered male. We're here to revolutionize the cannabis industry; won't you join us?

Meet your founding mother

Hello and welcome! My name is Justine and I am the founder of Cannakweens, along with my partner in business, Shawnae. After spending nearly 2 years working in a medical cannabis dispensary, I decided to expand my impact on the cannabis industry. What had originally started as a business venture into infusion classes has now become a platform to empower other women in the cannabis industry, and allow them a safe space to discuss ideas, feelings, and brainstorm with other Cannakweens about the future of your cannabusiness. Check out our contact page to get in touch with our community!