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Our curated list of women-owned cannabis company offers a little bit of everything. Click on their logos or links in their bios to learn more, and check out our Events page to see where you can find these amazing women!

Rachel Berry - Illinois Hemp Growers Association

Rachel (along with her husband, Chris) runs the Illinois Hemp Growers Association, which connects hemp farmers across the state of Illinois. Rachel works with the United States Hemp Building Association, supports the local food movement, and is on the board of directors for the Illinois Stewardship Alliance. This amazing Kween can be found on Instagram, or by visiting the IHGA website.

High Chic Society

Owned and operated by the vivacious Jack Jack, this up-and-coming cannabis events company provides the highest quality events in Chicago. You can find them on Instagram and on their website (coming soon). This group caters to "members only," but becoming a member is simple! Request to follow their Instagram page for more info.

Haley Hansen

Haley is a cannabis coach based out of Central Illinois. As one of Illinois's first medical cannabis patients, Haley went on to become one of the first Budtenders in the state and, in 2019, earned the distinction of becoming Leafly certified. A proud member of Narcotics Anonymous, Illinois Women in Cannabis, and Women Grow, Haley now works as a consultant for those who are interested in starting their journey with cannabis, utilizing her knowledge in both THC and CBD to create effective treatment plans for her patients. Haley is currently working as a Dosage Specialist for Equilibria Women, a woman-owned company that has created a line of CBD products with women in mind. 10% of all her profits are donated to the Last Prisoner Project. You can find her on her personal Instagram page, her website, or through Equilibria Women.

Lauryn Wyatt

Lauryn Wyatt is an innovative content creator and experienced social media strategist operating out of Chicago, IL. Combining her years of cannabis advocacy with her love of social media marketing, she currently provides social media solutions for cannabis businesses and brands. Her roots are in copywriting but she’s applied those skills to social media management, journalism, and user acquisition.

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